I wake up to the voice of my mum, calling for my sister to get up from bed. We did not recall to let her stay back at home because she has school this week. She can not be attending vigil and struggle to prepare for school later in the morning. She is still young for the life. Eriayo hurriedly gets prepared for school and is off at 750hrs. Mum gave her a ride to school.

Waking up with a headache is becoming less prevalent, it’d disperse in minutes after I am fully awake. I received a call from the office of a beautiful and hardworking individual that I may be walking her path in the future. I have been job hunting for days to weeks and had put it to a few people on seeking a holiday job or internship.

I must say that I have been a lot of lucky in this my time in life. I believe people get what they deserve and through a solid God-factor, consistency, perseverance, good people, plans effortlessly fall through. I am indeed grateful for the kind people God has enriched me with. I would be hopeless if not for them. 

I had an outing planned today for Surulere, but was feeling a lot faint and only wanted to lay in bed. Couple of minutes later, I had a shower, dressed and made to go out. My mind was not even having it at all, but my legs kept going forward, one leg after the other. I was almost outside of the estate gate, then the whole thought of traffic and time shrouded my head.

I turned back home, as the spirit led.

Finally, power was restored! Got all cosy on the bed and binge watched a couple of ‘PG’ movies. Mother’s Day, Dr. Strange, Kung Fu Panda, in that order. I should probably sleep, but I am too alert to do that. Had my fruits much later and slept in advance to keep vigil tonight. Sleep was going to be sweet!

Three sweet hours of sleep was enough to recharge my energy and stamina battery. We did not wake my sister this time, so mum and I left for church and the rest is now history…

Service was served!


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