I woke up all sore and with a nasty headache. I felt like my body was no longer mine, it felt groggy and like I was in a slow motion movie. I was moving on the bed like a snail. My eyes were wide open but heavy, swollen with blood in both eyelids. I looked into the mirror on the dresser at the corner and I thought I looked pretty cute!

Today is going to be a long day…

The initial plan was to just keep sleeping through the day till my alarm goes off at 17:45. I was up, about and working on a laptop, updating apps on my phone with awoof wifi and reading about other vital sturvs. So, the only way to nurse the mild pain in my head is to sleep for an ample period of time, my eyes are so heavy and yet I do not feel sleepy. Oh well!

I finally hit the sack around the early minutes of 1400hrs, slept and my alarm went off at 1745hrs. My ears and brain woke up, but my eyes and body were still sleeping. I said my prayers and had my fruits and water. Home alone with not much to do, I drew myself a bath. I probably will be awake for some time before I sleep off again. My routine random memory check for upcoming events filled my head. I replied phone messages and checked some other notifications. I am definitely going back to bed in a few…

Few hours later 

The supreme spirit of evil tried to make me crave for garri and fresh groundnuts, but thank you very much, I will not yield to that. How can people be easily pressured into doing something they made a decision not to do? Well, I guess it is different strokes for different folks.

After a while, I was chilling in my room and just going through helpful articles on the internet. As night drew closer, my mind started feeling one type of way. The kind of feeling you get when you can feel your bones aching to sleep till the next day, but you got vigil to attend. I was literally weak! I picked my clothes for the night and jostled for my mind to stay alert. No power still, so I am stuck with my phone and some books to escape boredom (evil thoughts). 

Today is Monday…

The service today was not long, because of those who have to be at work later this morning. Their systems would have got used to this month of the year. I do feel for those working in locations like Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Obalende, down to Illupeju, Maryland, Ikeja, Ikorodu, Ebute-Meta, Yaba and so on. The Lord is their Maserati!

It was a wrap at about 2:30am and as you are reading this, I typed it from the reclined seat on the passenger’s side. I am affirmative that I shall not wake with a nasty headache later today. Meanwhile, I am still waiting in the car for my mum and sister. Sigh.

Fast forward…

On getting home, sleep seems to be the furtherest thing from my mind, but I am just here on the bed, waiting for beautiful sleep to come take me away. Sleep can be such a wonderful thing, yet too much of it can make someone ‘knock’. Peace!

We meet again, tomorrow morning. 



  1. Exercising your muscles I see….lol
    Welldone. I could almost feel like I was present there…lol. Nice write up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. Yes, dear. Thank you. 😘
      I want to see yours too!


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