I have been prepping for this month since about May. I knew at the time, that I just had to participate in the upcoming annual programme our General Overseer tagged as our ‘Holy Month’. The programme is about fasting and going for vigil coupled with fervent prayers for thirty-one days straight. Trust me, the fasting helps a lot of members lose weight. This programme is not beans, I repeat, this programme is not beans. The General Overseer, A. T. Williams, does the white fasting where he only drinks water! I am not yet worthy although I am aiming towards taking that bold step.
This year, I decided to use just fruits and water to break my fast and as I have started yesterday morning, I will make sure that I stay religious to my fast. Expect the devil to always stay woke about the affairs of Christians he knows have a streak of spiritual power. I had prepared my mind so well that Mr. Devil never even bothered to twist my mindset concerning my goal. I am still expecting him to come through with his tactics, he sure will.

First day of fasting and vigil was today of which I would suggest that we start on the night of June 30, so it can be well balanced. You know, start at exactly 12am on July 1st and end at exactly around the early hours of July 31st. Me thinks. I should put it to the church committee though. My mum’s birthday comes up immediately after the annual programme. So, my sister and I, along with a lot of members of our church, give our wishes and prayers. She is blessed, I tell you.

After several minutes to hours of praise, worship, adulation, exaltation, and reverence to Creator, the prayers are spat out of worried, frustrated, passionate, hearts and mouths. The prayer points are in deed and words, always filled with thunder and fire. I lose my voice a lot, I love to lose my voice when I know I am praying about my life. If you see me doing buff or tush about, do not think that my praying strength behind closed doors or in church premises is tush!

Today’s service started at 12am and ended around 3:25am. As usual, at the end of the very first day, a lot of people want to meet the G.O. My mum wanted to meet with someone, I do not have the time to sit and wait, I left the church and was going to drive her car out of the parking lot, but two cars ‘backed up on ours’.

I walked home.

Home is on the next street, so I am not scared to walk home. I have never been scared to do such things, one of the reasons people think that I am a demon in physical form. Pfft!

Now, I am home and sprawled on my bed with my legs from knees to feet hanging in the air. Oh! I forgot to mention. Before the G.O. joins us, there is the praise and worship and a brief sermon. The tradition is to stand throughout the prayer session, except for the elderly. I always want to maintain my stance and if I start to feel uneasy, I walk around. So, as I am typing this, my legs are still in the air!

It should be known that by the time the programme ends, I would be looking fresh and trim. It is a win-win situation. I would be back again tomorrow, God grant me more stamina.

This is just the beginning!


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