JUNE 2017


The Abuja born fashion designer, has taken to Instagram to give these ‘randomities’;

1. SHE LIKES TO SLEEP ON HER BACK – “I stopped sleeping on my chest since the day I heard/read that it could make your br**sts flatter. Is this true?”

2. SHE LOVES GARRI – “Since I was a child, soaking garri has been a fav snack of mine. With groundnut, kulikuli, sardines, or beans.”

3. SHE STARES AT THE SKY – “I always go out to stare at the sky when I wake up everyday. There’s something out there.”

4. SHE WAS SELF-DELIVERED – “I was born in the car, on the road! My Mom self-delivered me right there in the passenger seat. It rained heavily after I came out and My first bath was at a petrol station.”

5. SHE WROTE NOVELS – “I started writing novels at age 5-6.”

6. SHE BEGAN RAP – “I began rap only because a girl in my dorm (Yemisi Ayinde) in secondary school was rapping to ‘Cleaning out My Closet’ by Eminem and I was so jealous I had to learn the entire thing! jealousy is good when it makes you better no? Ha!”

7. SHE COOKS – “I like to cook. Only if the kitchen is comfortable and clean and there is someone else to feed.”

8. SHE WANTS TO ACT – “I always wanted to act movies. I still will.”

9. FAVOURITE THING TO DO – “My fav thing to do as a music artiste is performing. My best show and fan appreciation was in Uniben.”

10. ON VIDEO GAMES – “I love only two video games – Super Mario Bros and GTA Vice City. (Heyyzzz don’t judge me)”

11. SHE USES GLASSES – “I use glasses. I got my first frames at age 10. It made me look like an efiko in school.

12. SHE’S A NERD – “I was actually an efiko in school.”

13. SHE IS MAKEUP – “I really really really reeeeaally love makeup. It reminds me that I am female. 

14. DAILY ROUTINE – “Everyday without fail, I make sure to stand unclad in front of my mirror and admire myself. Every girl should do this.”

15. LOVE FOR FASHION – “I finally realise I love fashion! But only if I am making my own clothes. So now I am making my own clothes.”

16. ON MOVIES – “I love horror movies.”

17. ON BOOKS – “Reading helped me through my depression. Now I just really love to read! I read for no reason.”

18. FAVOURITE COLOUR – “My fav colour used to be black. Now it is white.”

19. MUSE – “I really Loved Loving C. He was…incredible! (the past tense is weird)”

20. WHAT SHE LOVES – “I looooooove the internet and all the many things I can do with it. But by all means, I stay away from ‘Nigerian Internet. It is a straight path to hell.”



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