I am playful, right? I get that a lot.

As it is the first day of work in our Gregorian calendar, many people wake back into reality and go about their day as bright as they can. I feel people need to get in line with these five things I do on a daily. I can not go a day without:

  • SAYING A PRAYER – No matter how little my morning prayers may be, I never go through my day without speaking some words to Creator. It could be as little as a, "Thank You Father for this beautiful day. Take total preeminence". It is all about acknowledging the maker of heaven and earth. I also say a prayer for the world and its leaders. I believe that prayers activate the day's blessings. My belief. 

  • A MENTAL RECAP OF THE DAY'S ACTIVITY – Now, this is crucial. No one should just up and get into their day without thinking of some of the things they planned before hand, to do on that day. Planning, scheduling, organising, etc., are an important part of my day. This gives me a scope of what is paramount and what has got a deadline.

  • FOOD – what would I be eating for the day? I am ardent about being healthy and keeping fit. I naturally look like an athlete even. Food is important, ESPECIALLY breakfast. Although I may or may not have lunch, I would not skip dinner (except I lose appetite and that would be a nightmare).

  • GENERAL THOUGHTS TOWARDS FAMILY AND FRIENDS – I love my mum, my sister, my cousins, maternal and paternal family, friends. I ALWAYS think about them everyday, saying a prayer or thinking good thoughts towards them is automatic. Family and some friends are all that matter in the end.

  • THOUGHTS ON FUTURE GOALS – I can not lose sight of what my future holds. I can not do away with the overwhelming gravity of my goals, dream, aspirations, etc. After all, we are all here to make an impact on our lives and on the lives of others.

I hope that more people can key into my perception of living and pray it helps us all in myriad ways.

Thanks for reading. 


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