JUNE 2017


This young man may not be a new name in the Nigerian music industry, as I have heard. I first got to hear this single on one of my workout days, from a friend’s playlist and I was automatically swoon! The blend of trap (or is it rap) soundtrack and ‘apala’ touch of music gave the song away real good.

I introduced this song to my now ex boyfriend and he immediately expressed his distaste in Terry’s style of music. I was shocked. (Hahaha) This dude practically does not know good music, only for him to post, “Terry Apala is the future!” On Twitter! Exactly three weeks later. Something tells me he was swoon right from the beginning, but was just being such a tease.

So back to my review, though this song may seem a little old, it’s still 2016/2017. I really like his voice and the way he does magic to music through his genre of music. I do not know yet what to classify his under though. The song is a must listen. I can not say much about the video, but I guess it passes average. 

Watch the video below:

And a link to the audio –> http://bit.ly/2rBBVVV



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