Today happens to be a very good day to reminisce on the months gone by in this given year, the grace of God and the newness of the relationship with the Holy Trinity, I am glad to be amongst the living.

Sometime last week, I made plans to resume to school and take my midsemester tests of which I am missing as I type. I can not say that I am thrilled that I am not presently in school, I just thank God for life. We may have to be saying things otherwise at this point, but I give God all the glory for being God!

Is it not amazing to wake up to a new day, breathe into a new month and still keep hoping to live for more years on earth? Of course, it is a good feeling. Although some people wish that their lives be taken because they go through so much pain and despair, a lot of other people who struggle to breathe will give anything to be alive and healthy.

If you have not faced death, you should be immensely thankful for the air you are graced to inhale every second. As you inhale and exhale, a lot of people bade Earth goodbye till we all gather on the day of Judgement. If you have your hands, legs, eyes, head and most especially, nose unmaimed, you should truly be thankful for life.

As we keep waking up to a new day, may we all always have good things to say about it. May all our dreams come true and may it be said that our lives are an inspiration to other people. Welcome to the month on May.

Thanks for reading. Happy new month!


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