All hail the almighty, the long living, the lengendary, the savoury, the Nigerian Jollof Rice!

I know today is not Saturday and some may wonder why I decided to post about this beauty. Thing is, this post had been waiting in line in the draft folder for weeks now, to be uploaded and it is finally up to go! Yasss!

It is believed that if you have not had a dish(es) of Nigerian Jollof Rice, you are said to be sitting on a long thing! (True that).

Eyin t'emi, bawo ni o? Se e wa?

My opinion on this delicacy has never and will never wane, especially when it is 'party jollof rice'. When you attend a function and you have no access to jollof rice, it can be a very sad thing. Some people opt for the swallow family – the semo, the eba, the pounded yam (my fave), the fufu (I am not sure this is really served at parties), the ikokore (or is it ifokore), the cocoayam, the wheat and what have you. When I do not want to get too busy on food, my only option is of course, 'J-rice'.

A Nigerian that has never tasted or does not like Jollof rice, is that one even a Nigerian?

Moving on! I can like to have very nice looking pieces of turkey on my plate(s) of jollof rice, accompanied with cans of malt and of course, water (never finish up without water). Water is life and life is water.

Now, the climax.

There have been competitions between Ghanaians and Nigerians (I hear Kenyans are listing too) on who makes the best jollof rice in the whole of Africa. We all know who keeps winning nau. Mark Zuckerberg can solidly testify to this. How would you eat Nigerian jollof rice and not fall in love with it? How?

Zuckerberg had jollof rice and fell in love, can anyone beat that? Yes. Warren Beaty, Bill Gates, Piers Morgan, even Donald Trump will have a taste of J-rice and fall madly for it. I stand uncorrected.

The first words uttered by party goers (reception goers) once they are seated are, "Iresi da?", "Jollof rice dey?", "Allow make the jollof rice plenty with big turkey/chicken oh!"…and so on. Even people who are familiar with 'Chinese', will continue to love jollof rice. I would only opt for Chinese when there is no Jollof or I go for strictly drinks. 

It is either jollof rice or jollof rice. There is no in-between. 

For more uniqueness, I urge everyone to seek for this beautiful delicacy and have a taste of something absolutely breathtaking.

Thanks for reading! 


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