APRIL 2017


I must begin this post with an apology. So, here it is, I apologise that I have been away for days, even though we are still in the month of April. A lot has happened lately and I am trying to recover from the whole craze. For the breath of life, all glory belongs to God.

In the past few weeks, I had the following. A revelation, a debate and a misunderstanding. We all know how it is when things go south and you find yourself trying to salvage the rest of an issue, just so you are back on good terms with people you relate with regularly. 

First of, to the women out there. What do you make of a situation where a man tags you as a weaker sex head-on? Do you cave in and become scarred forever or you talk that man down and serve him facts that would make him do some deep thinking to the point where he takes all his words back?

Here is what happened. 

A lady was lifting a luggage out of the boot of a friend’s car who dropped her off at the park and while a man walked by, he offered to help this young lady. She smiled sweetly and humbly declined. Some guy saw this scenario and God knows why, he started teasing the young lady, saying she was not as strong as she thought she was. I got interested in how that scenario was about to play out.

This lady got her luggage out of the car, bade her friend goodbye and walked straight to the car heading her way. She placed her luggage in the boot of the car and went back for the man. She told the man to repeat what he said. Man must have been on something though because he even went as far as saying women are weak even in bed. I think I went blank at that point and prayed the lady had the perfect comeback.

This babe’s first words were, “Would you consider your mother a weak woman?” Ouch! There was an uproar, the man got up and made to hit the lady for bringing his mom into the picture (he asked for it, did he not?). The lady had the stature of Halle Berry and boy was she not even moved the slightest. The other men and women at the park kept telling the troublemaker man to calm down. Guess he was trying to prove the point that he is the stronger sex.

A few minutes later, the noise had reduced and one of the trading women there told the lady to apologise. I knew she was not going to allow herself to be dragged in the mud. The lady faced the woman and asked if she was a weak woman. The woman was speechless. The lady then told the woman to never let anyone tag her as weak because there are a whole bunch of things women have the power and capacity to do that men can not. Everything died down, people went back to what they were doing . The lady felt a new level of accomplishment.

So, now, are women really the weaker sex? 

I shall reveal a lot of things wrong with this mentality in my next post. Stay glued.

Thanks for reading. 


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