APRIL 2017


I was on a daily stroll one evening, admiring the massive beauty of nature and some other odd things I came across. I am too observant for your own good, I could be gazing at the grass, a lighting pole, an old classic car, some human, a little kid, colours of some buildings and so on. I always find things amusing, you can not even imagine how crazy things happen in my head sometimes.

As I walked along a regular path, I noticed an old lady was having difficulty getting to the other side of the road. I have not also mentioned that I sort of have the sight that can be likened to that of an eagle, I notice far off things more than most people. So, I think I was about a hundred feet away and I simply noticed this lady. People passed by, good looking people even and all I could wish was for someone to see that the lady needed help.

The old lady stood there and kept fidgeting, I had almost reached her when a little boy came into sight, I noticed a little child from the corner of my left eye, running towards the direction I was heading, but I did not envision his next move. This little child suddenly stopped beside the woman, collected the plastic bag she hand in her hand and as they walked forward, this kid raised his hands to the direction of vehicles approaching, to get them to a halt. It was such a beautiful scene to watch, a little child making vehicles slow down. 

It is on very rare occasions that you find a kid pull off such show of care to an elderly person. It looked like the whole world was so busy at that moment and except me, only that child realised the old lady needed help. I was touched when I saw that this child proved me right, he actually walked with the lady down to her house which was closeby. This is not something you see on a daily.

I think the people of the world have lost their touch with humankind. Imagine that it took a little kid to have noticed the poor lady. You will even wonder why she had to be the one to go get herself whatever it is she went to get, why she did not have someone with her who could run her errands for her. But that is not the point. Why are we so caught up lending a hand to people who need it? You do not have to wait for the old person to ask for your help, simply render it.

I do not see it as a matter of choice, it is a matter of duty. One is simply showing an act of kindness and then moving on with their life. It was just sad that the old lady was ignored and God knows how long she had been there. It takes nothing out of us to help the elderly, you do not necessarily have to be related to help them. I only pray and hope that people can place humanity on a pedestal.

I believe in the good people out there and I know the world would be a better place someday.

Thanks for reading. 


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