Finally, it is about that time of the year and I’m a bit frantic. I don’t really celebrate or mark birthdays, maybe because I am too much of a happy loner and all. Although I do dream of having a birthday party of some sort, every time, I dread the churning feeling that comes with being so shy in the presence of people!

My birthday is five days from now and I have no idea what that day will be like or what it would bring about, but I hope to have some fun with the few people I know. Birthdays ought to be a great thing right? Yes.

So here’s my birthday wishlist:

1. Because photographing skill, a Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR, for starters. 

2. Beats Pill Speaker – I need something loud to play my orchestra soundtracks.

3. Fujifilm Instax – I love to have photos in hard copy.

4. A complete makeup kit with all the necessary essentials. Every one of it.

5. Window mounted solar charger – very innovative something.

6. A new stack of inspiring readables to calm me down when my mind goes racing.

7. Fresh Waterproof pouch for my pool escapades.

8. Portable vinyl record player.

9. As an upcoming blogger pundit, a brand new MacBook Air is the first thing on my mind. 

10. Calvin Kleins!

11. Matte black Starbucks cup!

12. Gift cards! Unlimited!

13. Many fez caps and sweatpants and comfy sweatshirts.

14. Fancy water bottle. My soul needs a lot of water.

15. Birthstone jewelry. 

16. Adult colouring book.

17. Sephora gift card.

18. Wardrobe makeover!

19. PopSockets!

20. Bracelets and lucky charms.

21. Full fitness apparel and gadgets.

22. Apple Watch, matte black. 

There you have it people, my birthday wishlist for the year, two thousand and seventeen!

Happy reading!


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