I can not still believe that I had boiled plantain for breakfast yesterday morning. I think it has been five years now since I last had them because I do not really like them. I prefer them thinly fried. I could go on and on about all other meals I dislike and other meals that I suddenly got it over with after I ate them. 

Sometimes, I could be very picky with what I eat. For example, I hate when onions in food is very obvious. I have to start picking out or shifting aside every bulky cut onion I find in my food. It irks me a lot. Onions in food is good, but if you want me to eat your meal and not feel offended when you see me picking them out, please dice them to very little bits or I give up on the food altogether. 

So, I decided to just go for it yesterday morning. I made sure the plantain were not too soft, I do not like really soft plantain AT ALL. I am sure there are people like me scattered all over the surface of this planet. Cooking this meal made it look like I was about to give food to a deity or something. It made me chuckle when I saw the combination. 

It contained two boiled cut pieces of plantain, two boiled eggs, a spoon of vegetable soup, and smoked souped fish. It went down well and I was proud of the accomplishment, gradually conquering my food enemies. Anyone who saw my combination would definitely ask if I am trying to eat healthy and stay fit or something. I could be very weird sometimes and not eat like a normal human. It all depends on how I am feeling at the time. 

It was an interesting meal and I can say I enjoyed it. I like to cook, but I never really do it. I am the type who when I make up my mind about something, do it with my entire heart. Please respect yourself enough not to interrupt me while I am at it. Wrong move. 

Then for dinner, I had some salad and I think it is called ‘one thousand’ something sauce. Photo below.

Another heads up, I do not eat raw tomatoes and I also would cut them into really small pieces when frying them with eggs, stew and the like. I tried eating the ones in my salad last night though, but they had a funny taste so I picked them all out.

It is good to eat healthy and I think I may be on the path of having only healthy meals, it is good for the heart, body and soul!

Thanks for reading!


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