Before you start thinking too hard, your first kiss must have been from your folks. Yes, but I am not talking about that. I mean your first ever intimate kiss.

I remember when I was in class four of primary school, an unexpected thing happened. I guess this little boy must have been crushing on me a whole lot more than he had bargained.

It was some minutes into our first break period and some pupils had left the class to either feed their sweet tooth urge or eat their meal. A few of us stayed in class to eat and play. I had finished my meal and was sitting on a desk, opposite me was a boy I was talking to.

There were about six of us in class and we were taking turns to talk, making jokes and teasing one another. Like I said before, I was seated atop a desk, with the little man in front of me. He was saying something to me and I was looking at the other kids. I turned to face him and he suddenly jerked forward to kiss me, right on the lips!

It took me several minutes to contain what had happened and I can not recall if the other kids actually saw him kiss me, till date. I remained silent and I noticed this boy became extremely shy afterwards. He stalked me about, sat far away from me and that was it. The end.

If you enjoyed that story, you may not enjoy this one. My first ever intimate kiss was not that intimate on my part. I had a boyfriend who happened to be my first ever boyfriend. I was in high school, second senior class. I came across as someone who does not show her emotions or feelings. Still get that a lot.

Why did I have my first boyfriend at age sixteen? Because, unemotional. I had a lot of ‘proposals’ quite alright, I just never felt the need to have a boyfriend because every other girl had one or more.

Oshey! Good girl!

So, the day this kiss happened, I was as frigid as an iceberg. Unyielding and irritable. I am most of the time distant, so that affects every other thing. I think. 

My first intimate kiss was simple, short, ended as soon as it started. It is safe to say now that I have grown and matured with age, I have become a bit yielding even though I still behave like I do not care. I actually do not care sometimes. It just comes with whatever mood I fall into.

It may be believed that first kisses ought to be magical (works for some people), do not believe everything you see, read or hear. Do not rush into it, take your freaking time! The world we are in today gives no room for patience anymore, even little kids know what kissing the opposite sex is. Lord, have mercy.

So, there you have it – my first intimate kiss!

Happy reading!




  1. I remember. I was 15yo.

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    1. Good stuff ☺️☺️

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