Mother is an essential being in the life of a baby who grows to be a toddler, youngster and finally, an adult. Mother will make sure you have all the necessary items you will ever need in life. 

Mother is a god who can also play the father figure. Mother will fight and strive till her last breath just to be sure that you, her child, survives the cold, cruel world.

Mother is strong, charming, disarming, brave, intellectual, decisive, purposeful, oriented, highly emotional, conservative, demanding, assertive, and above all, Godfearing.

Mother will hit you, spank you, throw words at you, pull faces at you, say hurtful things, invade your privacy, but she always means well. All mother wants is train you to be your best self.

Mother will lock horns with whomever dares to be mean to her child(ren). Mother always knows her onions when it comes to taking care of her child. 

Mother will always be celebrated, she will always be extolled for she is a great woman to her husband, mother, father, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, children, and friends.

We love our mothers and they sure do love us a great deal. 

Thanks for reading!


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